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I've had that happen. I bet it's the server and a lot of traffic.


As for the test, it seems to be like the ASA test at the FBO. Same questions and stuff, different GUI.


Quick story; I took the test at the FBO and got 100%. I showed one of the other IP's and he asked if I cheated. I said "You betcha!" I took it open book and all, just fer the heckofit. Got an 89 last week. Today it was 85. OW! My brain!



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Has anyone had slow or no response times from this site or is it just me? Also seemed to have a few glitches.


Overall rating of the site Vs. the real test??



Just like the real thing.

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Goldy turned me onto the above website and I loved it. Had no problems with the site when I was doing the tests. After I got 90% or better on three consecutive tries on the website, I went and took the real test and got a 92%.

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Someone told me that in the US, you guys/gals are given access to the exact questions in the written exams due to some loophole in the freedom of information act. That can't be correct... can it?


that is correct, there is a pool of questions that the tests are drawn from. your test may contain 50 questions from a pool of 300.

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I used it through all my training and it helped me get mid 90s on all my exams. Recently my students have been complaining about lag times and glitches so I have stopped recommending it. It's sad because it was a great tool for prepping for the written. It even let you email the results to your instructor.


Try borrowing the ASA prepware cd from someone.

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