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Pilot Food!


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Post up your favorite recipes for pilot food. What do you like to cook at the base/platform/hospital/camp/wilderness? I just got done preparing a stew, and was wondering what everyone else likes to cook. Also, how many have fried an egg on the hot section of their engine? Really, I want to know...

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My favourite 'easy-healty' dish is below. A salmon chop is nice,


Steamed Fish with Potatoe and Vegetable



Requires a steaming pot.


1. Cut 2 medium potatoes into quarters.

2. Wash / cut vegetable of choice.

3. Prepare fish with marinade, lemon, pepper or what ever flavour you want. Retain marinade to make a sauce.


Set potatoe on lowest tray of steamer.

With water simmering, leave it for 20 minutes

At 20 minutes, add vegetables on the next level up (or same level)

At 25 minutes, add fish on top level.


At 30 minutes, you have a perfectly healthy dish ready to eat.


(Potatoe can be mashed or left or even substitituted with rice, sweet potatoe, squash, pumpkin etc..etc..


My steaming pot is exactly like the one in the left hand side of this picture.


It is SO easy to use and wash. You can cook almost anything in there. Much healthier than frying, boiling etc..etc..






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That fish isn't steamed. And check your PM's.


As for my regular prep, I always make sausage and peppers at least once a hitch.

Not exactly health food.


Take some sausage and put in in a a pan half full of water. Boil the water off and turn once to cook each side. Then cut the sausage up and pan fry to add that caramelized goodness. Put a can of crushed tomatoes and tomato paste in a large pot, low heat. Pan fry an onion, waay too much garlic and a few peppers all chopped up. Add red wine some sugar, salt and pepper and let sit for about 45 minute on low. Serves two apartments. I'm sure there's more as I always seem to change something each time.

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ok so alot of this is bachaler(sp) cooking, the biggest thing is what are you using to cook with?


let's start with the cooking instruments and go from there


items usually found around the office/hanger



coffee pot


small toaster oven

bottled water station (may have have hot water spiget)


most places are NOT set up for cooking so what is there to work with is usually very limited.

unless you do some prep work prior to gettin to work your a bit challanged in the cooking department.


fell free to list any other cooking devises not listed above.


now let the cooking begin!!! :D

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Once I had a can of Spaghettios on the engine of my truck. It exploded about 50 miles later. After that I poked a small hole before putting it on the manifold.


I wonder where a can might fit on a Robbie? How many miles must one fly until the Spaghettios are hot? How do you make brownies fudgier?



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I'm married, so don't do a whole lot of cooking :P . However my better half does some wonders in the kitchen. Among my favourites: Chicken breasts stuffed with Basil and tomato Fetta cheese. Really easy. Butterfly the breast, add the cheese, close it back up and hold in place with toothpicks and then cook, either in the oven or in a frying pan.


Another one is simply a roasted chicken with cooked over red potates, baby carrots and onion. Add a whole load of lemon juice to the bird, put a lemon inside it and cook. If you have a flavour injector, inject lemon juice in to the breasts and legs.


One for the grill. Take a cedar plank and soak it in water for a couple of hours. Then take a piece of salmon and place it on the plank and encase it in brown sugar (so it looks as though there is just a pile of sugar). Get the grill as hot as you can and then cook it until the sugar caramelises. Now that right there is some mighty fine tasting fish!


You also can't beat a piece of steak done medium rare with a hint of salt, pepper and some garlic.

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hey just goin off of jokers salmon idea, take a filet of salmon, a TB spoon of butter, a clove of garlic, and some hebs to taste, wrap them all in foil, pop in the oven or by a fire or on an exauhst manifold. 15 min. later you got some really good fish.


PS if by a fire or on a manifold, make sure you rotate it every once in a while.

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If all you have is a grill, you can make some mean Salmon and Asparagus, I do all the time. Just some pepper (i prefer cayenne) and a dash of salt on the fish, and a hot grill. As for the asparagus, just mix it with some salt, just enough olive oil to coat (not much) and a splash of vermouth, it goes on the grill too..


Cook the fish way hot, but covered, and it'll get nice and grilled on the outside and still moist inside.. The asparagus will get nice and soft, but not soggy (or smelly) like steamed. Still makes your pee smell though.. ;)


Serve on a paper plate and there are no dishes either.


outside of that, I make some awesome biscuits and gravy, outstanding chili, and simply amazing tri-tip, but those don't lend themselves to brief descriptions, it would be an injustice. ;)

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Living like a bachelor is my daily thing, so being a broke helicopter student isn't much of a stretch for me. About once a week I get a nice sirloin (best I can find for a reasonable price), and get the spices out. I like that Hot Shot stuff (mixed black and red pepper, crushed) and some garlic powder. Add a bunch of that hot shot stuff, a pinch or two of garlic powder, throw on a skillet for seven minutes per side at med heat, occasionally pouring some worchestireshire sauce on it.


Add whatever veggies you like. Personally I like steamed asparagus and some mashed new potatoes (homemade). Now you see why I only cook once a week.

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cause you use every pot, pan plate, knife and fork ya own to make it :lol:


been there done that :D

Hey, I wouldn't have it any other way. :D I love the single life for all its pitfalls.

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I learned this one while living the fishing guide life in Alaska.


open fire, with a portable grill (the kind you can set over a camp fire)


have a surface ready w/ fillet knife, and 2 sheets of tin foil (size depending on fish species) some sliced onion, butter, garlic powder, seasoning salt, a touch of dill, and some freshly sliced jalapenos. Oh yeah, a little splash of white wine.


Build fire on gravel bar where you know you can catch a fish in a timely manner.


step into river and catch said fish. Bonk him on the head. promptly fillet. Generously butter the bottom of the foil, sprinkle with your powdered seasonings, flop said fillet on buttered tin foil (ensure you are on a level surface as that fillet will shoot off faster than you could imagine). add pepper, seasoning salt, and garlic powder to the meaty side and add a generous amount of sour cream over top. cover entire fillet w/ sliced onions and jalapenos. Wrap up the package by folding ONE side in and rolling the top. pour in about 2 shots worth of white wine, and seal up the other side. It surely doesnt have to be pretty, but you want to ensure the skin side is down, the fillet is flat, and the goodness that will soon be inside cannot leak out onto your fire or steam out the top. place on grill and grab a beer (or throw a couple more casts). by the time beer is finished and you enjoy a smoke, go ahead and warm a couple un-buttered rolls near the coals. listen for the mixture to boil like a thick sauce and remove from fire. Get your rolls, and grab another beer. What waits for you inside the tin foil package will change your life! to butter the rolls....dip in buttery, seasoned, sour creamy, white wine saucey stuff. Ultra-Yummy!!


If you can have the salmon on the fire in less than 5 minutes from removing the hook from his mouth.......you will be forever spoiled. Since then when I see restraunts or stores selling "fresh" salmon I cant help but laugh.


Ok, this might not be the best helicopter camp idea, but it would be a real hit if camp is near a river (that has fish in it). Recipe works well with trout / char / grayling as well. An average sized coho will easily feed 6 hungry dudes with fillets about the size of a big steak. If you can prepare some rice or pasta, that goes really well with this too.

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Post up your favorite recipes for pilot food. What do you like to cook at the base/platform/hospital/camp/wilderness? I just got done preparing a stew, and was wondering what everyone else likes to cook. Also, how many have fried an egg on the hot section of their engine? Really, I want to know...



I eat whole apples....seeds and all :)

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Gee-whiz, kids!


Are we talking "economic" pilot food (students/CFI's) or "break-the-monotony" food! You all have expensive tastes! (Except for Gomer! He loves those lentils...)


IMHO, in terms of health and economics, you can't beat good ol' homemade, from scratch, spaghetti sauce. You can hide just about any vegetable in it too. Corn, carots, bell peppers, onions, etc., etc...I've even put kidney and black beans in it when my favorite ground meat wasn't possible. And I'm not talking that runny, out-of-the-jar crap. I'm talkin' the thick, hardy stuffy you can scuplt into shapes; the stuff that's so thick you don't even need the noodles to make it a meal and all you need to eat it is a fork.


The best part is, $5.00-$10.00 you can make a gallon or two of the stuff. Freeze it away in single serving containers and BOOM, throw it in the microwave 67November was talking about and you're set.



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If anyone has a George Forman Grill, you can cook 4 eggs in the tray, leave them in for 10 min or so and you have hard boilded eggs without the shell. Not bad with some salt and pepper.


The George Forman is great if you want to cook stuff and have the fat run off....like me, a CH-47 and R-22 Pilot.


In the 47, no problem with power there...but me and a buddy in the 22...my 200 or so lbs uses a lot of gas:)

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