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I need some advice please.


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I need some advice from an experienced pilot. I have always wanted to learn how to fly helicopters and never pursued until now. I'am 31 years old and I'm in the process of wanting to change careers. Iam currently in college working on an AS degree but at the same time I want to work on flight training. I have been doing extensive research on the helicopter industry and flight training. I know flight training is very expensive and the only option for me is to pay for flight training at a civilian school. I haven't started my flight training yet but hope to soon. My primary question is, what is the best way to get started in the helicopter industry as an entry level pilot or pilot trainee? I currently reside in Florida on the west coast and there are alot of flight schools here and I have researched most of them. My only challenge is paying for flight training, I'm not wealthy. Are there any helicopter companies in Florida that offer any kind of training programs to recruit new pilots? I have been contacting alot of different companies including the county mosquito control and the local sheriff departments to see if they have any kind of training programs. I have not had a response from the mosquito control yet, but I got a response back from the local law enforcements. I have to have a private rating with approx. 200 hrs of pic time and become an officer and serve active duty for about 2 to 3 years, not really for me but I have been considering it. If I'm going to pay all this money for flight training to become an helicopter pilot which is exactly what I want, then I want to start as a pilot not a patrol officer. I have had some experience in the helicopter, I recently had 1 hr. of flight instruction in the Schweizer 300cbi, and I have been up 3 other times in different helos. So I know for sure this is what want to do as a career. If any one can give me any advice or information I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.




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