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Airworthiness Directives

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Airworthiness Directives


There may be some people out there who have never seen an airworthiness directive. Maybe they have learnt about them at school or heard them discussed.


As this subject may come up in a checkride, its good to have an idea of what an AD is and how it is presented. Note particularly the different sections: Background / Applicability / Compliance


Recently an Emergency AD was issued for the MD-600N helicopter. The link is here.




Here is the website for all the ADs that are current. On this page you can also subscribe to get new ones sent through by email.




Hope this is of some use.



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Joker you bring up a good subject, but there's more than just AD's


there are the AC's, SAIB's, SDR's and more


each of these must be addressed in a specific manner, AD's MUST be complied with where as the others should be followed up on as directed in the notice. these can at times be a little confusing and/or overwhelming if not fully understood.


Read your FAR's and review some of theses different noticies on line to better understand what each represents.

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