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Hey guys,


Was just wondering if any of you know where the demand lies for helo pilots are in the world.

With 2000 hours experience where would I be able to find work?

What is the demand like in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or even the States?


Any response would be greatly appreciated as we are looking to immigrate from South Africa!

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Remember that you can't go anywhere without local licence and work permit, no matter the hours or experience. That could be easier said than done, depends where you're heading. I quess the hardest one (for the American) would be Europe, your licence is pretty much useless and work permit is very hard to get (almost as hard as it is for European pilots to work in the U.S. without close relatives or family there), again depends on the country of course. Australian licence is much easier to get as well as Canadian. And i think work permit isn't that big of a problem in those countries especially if you have the experience they need.


And then there's of course a lot of "not so sivilized" countries who really does not care about your licence. They are just after your money.


Good luck.

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Thanx for the heads up guys!


I guess what really matters is finding a place that one can call home.


Not that this is the right forum but last year alone South Africa had 19 000 murders, 55 000 rape cases (of which only 30-60% are actually reported) and around 120 000 armed robberies!

Go figure!


As far as the flying goes I guess flying is flying no matter where you are (its heaven!) and like here, we all have to do the study work to get further so going through the process of getting the respective local licence is all worth it anyway. As long as my family are safe.


Will definately check out Australia and Canada doesn't sound too bad either!


Safe flying!

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