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Anyone here fly for PHI in the northeast area of PA?

me shakes fist

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I was snowboarding yesterday at Camelback and while going up the lift I hear a helicopter in the distance. I turn around and see a yellow/black helicopter with a fenestron making an approach to one of the empty parking lots. It landed and was there for 10, maybe 15 minutes and then took off and headed back. My best guess was that someone needed to be airlifted out of there and it was an EC135 flying for PHI.


So was that anyone here?


Oh, and I almost forgot to turn around in time to get off the lift because I was watching it land! :D

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Maybe it was on a helipad then - I didn't know they had one. It was on the other side of the mountain from where I was and I was looking through the branches of trees that were next to the lift. It wasn't the clearest of views.


I don't know if it was PHI or not that was just a guess based on that it had a yellow and black paint scheme and there is an EC135 under the fleet section of PHI's website. I don't even know if it was EMS. For all I know, it could have been some rich family getting dropped off to go skiing.

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