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New rule change for IA

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the new rule change effective January 30, 2007





interesting, ! i'm an IA & didnt even know this ! :o


i do the 1 year activity report, just about every other IA that i know does the "annual donut meeting" , i have to read a bit further into the change tho, does that mean there is going to be a 2 year donut meeting? i can see the savings add up IF that is the case ! B) (glad i dont own stock in dunkin' donuts tho) :lol:


thanks 67 for the info, glad someone is paying attention :rolleyes:

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also specific wording on STC installation requirements in the new regs and they changed the 337 forms... no fsdo signing anymore.... unless you're doing field approval without approved documentation.... so if you have faa approved stuff already you just send it straight to Oklahoma... no one reviews it and it just gets copied into the aircraft records.

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I read all of this...Not sure what it all means. I am new and just interested what this is about. I didn't even know anything about an IA before I read this.... so if any one could briefly explain. I would appriciate that. Thanks.


I want to learn about all areas of this career and anything related to it... if it is business, how things work, how to become a safer pilot ect....

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IA stands for Inspection Authorization.


It is an addition to a mechanics Airframe and Powerplant certificate that allows them to perform annual inspections and sign off other "higher importance" items involving the return to service of aircraft.


The rule change changed the time between renewal from 1 to 2 years..\

That's it.

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