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Medal of Honor


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I saw that. It's nice to see the guy get recognized.


I've met Joe Galloway who co-authored the Ia Drang book along with Hal Moore. The slicks did a phenominal job of resupplying those guys and getting wounded out under really, really bad circumstances. Too bad they didn't recognize all the other pilot who flew so bravely during that battle.


FWIW I was a grunt with the 5/7 Cav after the 1st Cav. moved south to III Corps.

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Thank you Bruce Crandal and all other Vets & Servicemen.

I appreciate you protecting my freedom and the American

way of life.




Amen! Life's REALLY GOOD for all of us here in the GREAT United States of America thanks to all the servicemen, past and present, that have served their country!


Don't ever forget that!



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