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Anyone need a Huey Pilot?


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I posted this over in the Job Forum but it didn't show up for some reason. Admin, If I did something wrong I apologize and hope you will put my thread where you think it should be.


I'd like to ask the members of the forum if anyone knows of a company that is looking for an experienced Huey Pilot, I sure would appreciate the contact? And to those people out there presently working with Hueys, could I ask that you speak to your bosses and ask them if they need a Huey Pilot? I would appreciate a full time position but am able to work seasonal if that is an option.


If the position requires me to fly other aircraft in addition to the Huey, I've also flown the Bell-206 and MD500. Some of my experience is in: Mountain/High Altitude hot and cold climates, High DA, Single Pilot Sling Loads w/o ground guides, Instructor pilot Day/Night/VFR/IFR/NVG, Desert operations and more. Helicopter Certifications: Commercial-Instrument, Ground Instructor Advanced-Instrument, current Class 2 Medical and can pass a Class 1. I'll be working on my ATP and maybe later the CFI/CFII.


I'm not particular as to the type of work or remote location. I just enjoy flying Hueys. It's the aircraft I have the most time in, knowledge of, and experience flying.


Thanks everyone!


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