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School In Houston, Texas. Nice Story!

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I want to thank everyone here for their help 11 months ago. We were days away from drinking the S_H kool-aid and got the name of a small school around here on this site.


Here's the web site http://www.apaviationinc.com/Anthing's Possible Aviation. of the school. David Lewis has been great. No doubt about it.


In 11 months my son has 175 hours in and has passed his written commercial. What a great experiance he's had.


Here's my biz web site that has some pics of him in the Rockies. My Son's Pics In The Rockies


I've only been around this stuff for a year, but the camaraderie is great and I'd like to share these pics with everyone. What an experiance for a 19 year old!


We chose the small personalized service school versus the big and middle sized school and it has really worked out well. I read this forum for months before making a choice with my son and it was a choice that will spring board him into being a safe heli pilot and a man.


Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate the help.

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Thanks for sharing, I only have one out of my seven interested in things that fly, I hope her curiosity develops into an obsession and I'll be posting similar pics someday, it will be a while, since she is only 5.


You must be one proud papa. I'm sure your son appreciates everything you have done to get him where is. Good Luck!



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