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drunken monkey


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So it took me a couple of minutes to figure out if this guy was in or out of control. I finally realized it was just someone practicing their drunken monkey flying techniques. If you can watch this whole video without wanting to see this guy crash, your a better man than I.


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that helicopter is pretty impressive looking at their website. There is an option for a glass cockpit and all sorts of other cool stuff. I want one.


wow, that little heli has some power.



You see that picture where its hovering with two guys in the cabin and two on the skids?

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I saw that video the other night after watching the R44 hit the hangar door. It looks like a capabilities demonstration flight. Basically, those are aerobatic type maneuvers, the kind that I believe are prohibited by most POH in the U.S., including military operator's manuals, but they are flown to demonstrate power and controllability. Still, I didn't see excessive bank or pitch angles, just swinging the aircraft around a lot.


Ukrainian test pilot? I never noticed anywhere he didn't seem to be in control. Not the cleanest flying I've ever seen, but then I'm not gonna claim I could do those maneuvers better.


For a piston-powered aircraft, I was impressed at the responsiveness of it. Picked it up from HIGE at 6 inches to HOGE with a left pedal 360. Of course, that's with only one person. I'd really be impressed if I saw him do it with two.


I thought that this guy (

) was someone to be more afraid of. Watch the crosstubes flex as the skid gear touches the ground.
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Is it me, or does that look like a six-bladed Schweitzer?


Looks like an "E" ticket to sat the least.



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Been watching this machine for some time worth a visit to their web site,

Subaru power if the quality of build is as good as it appears on site should be a nice unit.

The problem is can they get the donk type approved, and convince people that they will be there for the long haul.

There are a couple of flight reports about will try to remember where i saw them?

Peper Did you fly the bird

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