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So what was your favorite Heli-expo display?

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All the aircraft mfgs had excellent displays.


Bell had a great display, plenty of really nice aircraft.

They also had excellent giveaways like personalized luggage tags,

chopper lapel pins, posters and calendars.


Eurocopter and Augusta had plenty of nice birds represented-


MD 500 notar on tall skids was hot-


Robinson's couch was comfortable-


Orange County Convention Center is fantastic

Lots of floor space made for easy viewing of aircraft and their interiors-


Must have been some great parties on Thursday night.

I attended the show on Friday and there were some hungover

looking faces in a few of the booths.


The one thing that I can't understand about these chopper shows

is why there are no babes-

Nothing but suits and ties everywhere you look-

Looks like somebody would take a tip from the international car show guys

and put a few hot honeys in tight flight suits around these aircraft-


that's my opinion-

see you in Houston in 2008



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well there was ulga at the UTair booth

thats if you like russian chicks

I thought that Bell did a great job with their booth

But of course i have to go with sikorsky with their set up and party. It was a the Hard rock with Starship Playing, open bar and all the food you wanted.

The key was to stay away from the blue drinks :blink: they will sneak up on you.

Pratt & whitney had a nice display

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What do you think who had the best display at Heli-expo?

Who had the worst?

And who had the best party? if you remember.


Deffinitely the BA609 from Bell/Agusta. I flew the sim for a good 1/2 hour. The tilt rotor was the primary reason for going to the show. Also heard some good info about jobs and the market.


Worst booth was the guy from the Canadian school that I was talking with who kept stopping to talk with other people as he was selling me on his Mountain flying training. Not going to mention names as the last time I did I got hammered pretty bad. But I do realize Aviators generally do not make good sales people


The Columbia party was pretty good but I got there and left too early. I looked around for some other VR guys but did not find anyone. The party next door to Columbia had better food so I meanderd over and had my fill, but the weird jugglers and clowns were just too much. One guy could not juggle to save his life and I saw him hit someone on the head with one of the things he was juggling with. That was pretty funny.


I went to collage at UCF in Orlando so I bugged out on the second day and went to check out the old haunts. Can't believe Rosie O'grady's is gone!

Sigh.....just goes to show you can't go back.......


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