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Pendular ation in a Chinook ?

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I am wondering if a Chinook gets pendular action & if there is any assistance in stability or is instability compounded by having the 2nd rotor system, either laterally or Longitudinally ?





OK...the aircraft is inherently unstable because of the fore and aft rotor systems. Both of these rotor systems want clean air, so the aft rotor system tries to come around and fly parallel to the fore rotor system. To combat this, there is a computer system that acutally flies the aircraft by converting pilot input into flight control movement. When this computer system is selected off or malfunctions, you really notice it, especially those in the rear of the aircraft.


It really is more complex than that, but difficult to explain withough going on a while about all of the other influential factors which aid flight in a 47.


As far as lateral or longitudal instability, this is usually a track/ balance issue.


Hope the info helps.



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