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Aerodynamic Question


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Who knows the real reason for the angle and set up of the horizontal stabilizer on the tail of the Schweizer?


I understand the reason for the vertical stabilizer, but the position of the horizontal is giving me some troubles!


I would also like to find some published information on the canopy spoiler which was added after some bad accidents on practice autorotations with wrong pedal input!


Thanks in advance,


Austria  :)

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The horizontal stab is tilted nose up to prevent a nose pitch up tendency on transition, the downwash would strike the stab if it was flat and cause a tail down pitching moment which would require a big cyclic input to overcome at such low airspeed.


The canopy slat is to prevent air disturbed by the canopy from impinging on the horizontal stabiliser in forward flight.


Both of these are straight from a technical contact at the factory last year.

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