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Red Bull Helicopter Aerobatics

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I've always liked the BO-105 and every aerobatic video I see makes me want one for a personal ship..... Come on lottery... JK. An ETMC 105 flew over my shop today, too. The vendor is Metro in Shreveport LA. They use the 105 and 135.



I looked the heli up and found some info on Airliners.net

The Red Bull aerobatic helicopter. Photo taken at: Aviation Nation 2006. The pilot, Charles "Chuck" P. Aaron, is the only pilot licensed in the United States by the Federal Aviation Administration to perform aerobatics in a helicopter, and its classifications as an experimental aircraft. The experimental category enables the pilot to push the envelope of an aircraft's own flight capabilities.

Red Bull large pic

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I am wondering how far you can push coming straight at the ground without entering retreating blade stall? Obviously the pilot has it under control... just wondering... Very cool manuvering.





Retreating blade stall has more to do with speed than angle, unless of course we are talking angle of attack. but i'd image if you keep it under the Vne then everything is gravy

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