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i'm getting things lined up for the safety course this summer. i just wanted to know when the monday- wednesday classroom sessions were done. i was planning on brining someone but if i'm in class until 7-8pm it probably wouldn't be worth it for them. i know thursday is a half day and i'm flying friday just wondering for the begining of the week.



ps. typing "robinson safety course" in the search feature is like typing "porn" on google. kiiinda broad results.

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Yep, we were out by 5 everyday as well. And for the folks that flew on Friday they had one day that was a half day, Wed. I believe because the maintenance part they do half the class at a time. At least if I remember right that is how it was.


I will say also that if you plan on bringing someone make sure they don't mind talking shop till it's time to goto bed. Every night I would go out and eat w/ some of the folks and just talk. This is a great chance for you to do some networking and hear about what it's like at other places...

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It's a very relaxed course with a LOT of interesting information. Although you'll take notes because there's a test on the last day, the test is really pretty much a combination of common sense and everything is emphasized for you. For example, you'll hear a few times "you might want to write this down". It is an awesome class and I don't know of one person that didn't have a really good time in my class. And you'll meet a lot of interesting people from across the world, some newbies and some with 15,000 hours.


Most of us stayed at the Ramada across the street. Three points 1) don't get caught ogling the cutie in the side office. 2) from the fantastic lunches they provide and donuts, you'll leave 10 lbs heavier than when you arrived and 3) Turn off your cell phone in class. He opens the class with that request and still not one day went by when you didn't hear phones ringing a few times.


Have fun!

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Check out Pacfic Coast Helicotpers on the field at Torrance. If you want to get in some flying of L.A., you can do the flying, and the instructors will give you an aerial tour of L.A.. Rates are pretty good too.


There are many places to check out in L.A., but the aerial tour is pretty good start. You can see most of Hollywood, beach, and downtown in about an hour.


PM me, if you want further places to go see, etc..




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