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What is A Vet?


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Like the bumper sticker, " My friend took Bill Clinton's place in Vietnam, His name is on the Wall""


What is a vet???, A vet is a man or women who kept America safe, wearing no badge or emblem. (except in parades ) A vet is a man in the wheel chair who is missing an arm for you, who lost his arms and legs, while you were playing freely in the streets. A vet is a person who proudly protected our country who did it cause he was told to, or cause he wanted to. A vet may be a person who shows no signs of harm or danger, vets can be dead, alive, rich or poor, retarded or brilliant. You just never know who a vet is, but they all know who they are and what they did, do you???



"So remember, each time you see a man or women who has served our country, just lean over and say THANK YOU. Thats all most people need, and in most cases, it will mean more than any of the medals they could have been awarded, or were awarded.""



What is a vet??? just take a look.



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Surely this topic is better placed in one of the other forums, according to their descriptions below...


Grapevine Helicopter Forum

Posting rumors or helicopter information not pertaining to the other forums


General Military Helicopter Discussions

For the Military Helicopter Crews


Upcoming Helicopter Events

Post your helicopter event here! If you wish to add an event to the Event


...Rather than the General Helicopter Forum (also described below).


General Helicopter Forum

Post messages about ANYTHING relating to helicopters!



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To all the Vets that visit this forum and to all of those that don't,

both living and past- THANK YOU


Thank you for my freedom, my families freedom and our outstanding American way of life.



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