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Good Flight Training Programs In Utah?

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I just went in for an interview at Silverstate Helicopters in Ogden UT and was accepted to start in May. When I got home I decided to see if I made a good decision. Unfortunately now all I hear is bad things about Silverstate. Needless to say after reading everything that people had to say, I have decided that it would probably be the biggest mistake of my life.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of a good place in Salt Lake City.

Are there really a lot of Helicopter pilot jobs out there?

I am married and work full time so would it be difficult for me to get in any flying time?

Is it a highly competitive job market? I would think that people coming out of the military would get most of the jobs.


Thanks, Mark

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hi Jacen, all of your questions have already been answered here, do some reading and get out of your SSH thing ASAP.

there are many great small schools that will let you pay as you go during your training.


if you cannot find your answers after using the search function then ask away, someone will help you.

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Yep, tons of useful threads on here. Just keep digging. Do more listening and reading than asking at first. Trust me, you'll find answers to every question you've got. We've all asked them. Find more than one answer to the same question, take several months to really think about it and go find some drivers to chat with in person. You'll know you're really ready when you are answering the same questions for other people!!



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there are plenty of options in northern utah, look around and see what you can find... be careful and do your research... and don't beleive a word you hear from somone at a school trying to sell you on their program... seriously.


2 major things to look at...


Do they want money up front... or pay as you go?


How many students do they have vs. helicopters, this is debateable, but I dont beleive you can provide adequate training if you have more than 10 students per primary trainer... simply a scheduling issue.




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Check out Upper Limit Aviation:




New equipment, lots of CFIs to pick from, and the owner is pretty darn nice. :)

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You might try Universal down in Provo, I had good success there. www.universalheli.com The guy you want to talk to is Matt he is a great guy. Good luck


Yes, Matt is a great guy, but what it comes down to is the owners of the company are the ones who decides who gets what rating and who they want to hire. They call this the long interview. However if they do not like a student for some reason they will keep him or her along for the money. I trained with them a couple of years ago and I have seen all of their tactics. I hear they have since improved due to numerous complaints, and agencies getting involved like the Utah Dept. of Commerce. I have a record of my statements to prove that they cheated me out of over $5,000 just from flight and ground. They cheated me out of thousands more just from the loan. They say that the loan is interest free and there are no finance charges. Interest is over $1,000 a month and the fees were $9,000.


Good Luck, you will need it.

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