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If a student damages a helicopter during training, well...what are the options for aircraft insurance coverage during flight training? The schools I've visited have varying policies, but the school I'm favoring has 2 options:

  • Full liability for deductible Bang up the heli and your flight training just got up to $20,000 more expensive.
  • Annual flat-rate coverage Students all pay a substantial chunk into a fund that can be drawn on to cover the deductible for a wrecked heli.

The first one is a problem, obviously, so I'm not going that route. The second would be fine except that I may not be doing all my training in the same place--so if I have to split my training between 2 schools that have a similar policies, it's going to cost me.


I'd like to know if anybody has bought a policy from a broker or insurer that covers the deductible for the aircraft they are training on, where they got that coverage, and how much it cost them. This would be similar to renter's insurance (like that offered by AOPA). Or, do you have ideas for carriers that might offer a policy like this?

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I looked with AOPA, it is tough to find non-owned rotary wing coverage! They quoted me around $850 per year to cover my liability and $10,000 worth of a deductible, they will go up as much as you want I believe, you just have to pay for it. To me this is a better option than the student pool for a deductible, this coverage will cover you with liability insurance, whereas the pool just covers the deductible for the flight school, also, this plan will cover you for any helicopter or airplane that you fly.



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