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Houston area ALE?

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It looks like I may be moving to Houston in the near future, and I'm curious if anyone has experience with airborne law enforcement in the area. I'm not an officer yet, and I'm curious as to the requirements if anyone knows. I have heard everything from "occassionally they will hire from outside the dept. but you need lots of time" to "you can get hired on right out of academy" to "you will have to be an officer for a couple years before you apply, and there are no guarantees". So if anyone can enlighten me, I have my CML/IFR heli ratings.



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According to the ALEA data base. You must be a sworn officer with a minimum of 4 years police experience before consideration in the air unit. Not necessarily the definitive answer but it is what they are publishing.

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Actually, I was told they are trading all of their 300's and 333's in for a couple of new 300's for training.



Well theres the answer then... They just gonna train??? What are they gonna use for OPS?

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Ok. But when on scene the 300 is ( I know I'm going to get flamed for this ) just another ship on orbit.


There are a number of agencies that are using 300's for all of their needs.


Also, just to clarify myself, I am not sure of exactly how many 300's Houston is getting.

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