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Tuesday-April 24th-9:30 A.M.


Hangar 51-Williston Airport-Williston, Florida


By Order of U.S. Bankruptcy Court


Auction to include: (8ea) Bell 206 & OH-58 Helicopter Projects (Including some late model BIII's). These projects were in the process of rebuild and are in various degrees of Completion. (2ea) MD OH-6 Projects, Shop Equipment, Hand Tools, Very Good Selection of Bell 206 & OH-58 Inv. of all types, MD 500 & OH-6 Inv., Some Allison Inv., Sikorsky HH-52A Helicopter, Instruments, Etc. For more information and complete listing visit our web site at www.starmanauctions.com and click on Upcoming Auctions.

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I don't think he was having problems he didn't make for himself.... (He really being Mr. Naylor and his son)

Buyer beware... World Aircraft Connection went out of business because the owner is federally incarcerated for misrepresentation of what he sold, and funds (millions) never returned to his unwitting customers.

Not saying there will not be deals to be had. ...And certainly the customers deserve retribution... Watch out for parts declared as scrap by Bell and false records on parts, assemblies, and airframes, things of that nature.

Good luck to anyone hurt by these guys and the auction. I hope it is the end of what they started.

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