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McDonald's Air & Sea Show - Ft.Lauderdale Bch, FL


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Just a head's up on this event...I couldn't post it on the calendar.


McDonalds Air & Sea Show - Ft. Lauderdale Beach, FL

May 5th & May 6th, 2007 - (Saturday and Sunday)...it's usually the same show each day.


Thier web site... http://www.airseashow.com/ ... is announcing that the "Sky Soldiers" Cobra Demo Team will be performing. This should be great...I've never seen them perform. There is also a USMC amphibious assualt demo which always includes a coulpe Cobra's for simulated close air support.


Not to mention the jets...including an F-22 Raptor "Demonstration" (better than a fly-by) and the USAF Thunderbirds.


It's a great show right off the beach...

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I highly recommend hearing protection when within 1000 feet of an F22...your body can feel the shock wave when it passes thru you, but the sound is absolutely deafening...sounds like a great show....Goldy

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when within 1000 feet of an F22...


I can't wait...I've never seen the 22 live...it couldn't make it due to deployment in the 2005 show...and I missed the 2006 show. I'll be there on Saturday and I'm praying that it doesn't "no-show". However, I doubt it cause it's announced as a demo...not a fly by.

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