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Seasonal Pilots: It getting to be that time of the year

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That time of the year...


...when the visa bill is larger than the savings account.

...when visions of burning trees is something you strangely look forward to.

...when the phone rings and you're not sure whether to say yes to the offer or let it ring and stay on unemployment

...when the family starts saying, "Daddy, why do you have to leave again?"

...when you dust off the helmet, grab the nomex gloves and suit, and look to another season of ash marks on the windshield and dreaming of bambi buckets.

...when you don't post much on this site because you're busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest.


Have a safe season this year.



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Rey, I dont know how you guys can do it all year. I fill in as a relief pilot to get rid of the monotony I have now with corp but other than one 3 week contract a year I couldnt put up with the hotel lifestyle anymore. Still its always a nice feeling and a great rush when you are longlining.

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I agree with you on the relief pilot thing. I would rather do that than spend all season out there. Here in Alaska it's spend time in a tent in the field (unless you get lucky like me and end up stuck at a fishing lodge).


I've slowly moved away from flying in the field as much as possible. I still love it when I'm flying fire but I hate landing and realizing I'm in the middle of nowhere and they don't have any beer.

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