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Flight of 8 R-22's in the Newhall Pass on Sunday


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A pilot buddy of mine, saw x8 R-22's flying towards VNY on Sunday around 11am, anybody know about this? Thought it might just be a bunch of guys/girls doing a breakfast flight.


Thanks in advance.


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hmmm. 8 R22's...I think thats a total load capacity of almost 500 pounds, isn't it ?


Sorry Rob, it wasnt me !! Wow, wasnt it pretty windy down here Sunday ?? ( I was in Vegas )...

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Might have been related to the following:


"Silver State Helicopters hosts second annual Safety Stand Down Seminar


(LAS VEGAS) – Jerry Airola, president of Silver State Helicopters, held the company’s second annual Safety Stand Down Seminar, April 17 - 19, 2007 at Suncoast Hotel & Casino.


Silver State Helicopters closed down all of their operations including field flight academies and their corporate office to fly in 460 employees from across the United States. Approximately 300 of those employees were certified flight instructors.


“The purpose of the Safety Stand Down Seminar was to provide continuous education for our employees on the importance of safety when flying helicopters,” said Airola. “By having all of our employees in one place at one time, we were able to effectively communicate and promote risk management.”


This year the seminar focused on summer flying and weather related hazards. Additional topics included Situational Awareness, Aeronautical Decision Making and Crew Resource Management. The three day seminar featured presentations by industry safety experts including Mike Halloran, Program Manager of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Team Program, Randy Rowles, Chairman of the Helicopter Association International’s Flight Training Safety Committee and representing Bell Helicopter-Textron, Larry Mattiello, President of Airsure Limited LLC and Mark Fojtek, member of the FAA’s Joint Helicopter Safety Implementation Team and Director of Academy Flight Training for Silver State Helicopters."


If nothing else (and even for all of the flaming I give SSH), this is a very premptive program with some heavy hitters.


I have to admit that I did chuckle at the last comment regarding the famous Robinson Repo team though...could picture Frank leading the flight in a pressed black flightsuit and boots.



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