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Temsco triple accident in 1999 on "weather channel"

Marc D

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Did anyone see the survivor story on the weather channel's "storm stories" the other night? How about the one they did about the EMS crash in Arizona. They are not doing any favors for the helicopter industry with their "sensationalizm". Anyone who watches them will be scared to death to ever get on an EMS helicopter or a tour helicopter.


Marc D.

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Yeah, that tends to be the case with newspapers and other mass media. I think the media is usually 40% truth and the rest is added from rumor or writer creation. One thing I found when writing things on the internet is anything you write, the general public assumes it as true because it came from the internet.


I have always had a difficult time with how the mass media reports on helicopter accidents. Problem is they report everything in that same manner. Not much actual fact but lots of stuff to sell their media or make it more attractive for advertisers.


I always have sympathy for the people involved. The truth is usually lost in the headlines.

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