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Trying to Identify Helicopter


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Hey folks. I used to work in aviation with the US Forest Service as a heli-rappeller. In my travels and working at heli-bases I got to see plenty of cool aircraft. I am trying to figure out the model of a particular helicopter I worked with on a fire in Nevada. Here is what I remember.


It was a Bell model and had the same basic configuration as a 212 or 412. The difference was this had a huge engine on it (actually I think it was a dual engine helicopter). This ship had unbelievable power. I remember it had a HUGE exhaust port. For some reason I thought someone told me the engine was similar to one in a chinook, but I am not too confident of that.


Can anyone help... this is driving me nuts.

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If it had the same body style of the 212 or 412 and it only had one exhaust it was probably a single engine Bell 205 like the one below. Not a 212 or 412 which both have dual exhaust like the second picture.



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Very much a 214B, maybe like this one...and yup, they were equipped with a T-55 that had some drivers overload and fold up the airframe without a complaint from the turbine.






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