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206 time during CHPL training

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I recently got my private certificate (hooray!) and have just completed the first few XC flights for my CHPL.

now I need some input on how to make most use of the required time for the commercial. So far I have about 10hrs pic, 65 total, everything in the R22.

The flight school I'm at (Hillsboro) has R22s, 300s, IFR R22s and a Simulator for IFR training.

I want to get my instrument rating during the commercial, and I think it would also be a good idea to spent some time in the schweizer. That doesn't leave me with too much time to play with but anyways -


a friend has pointed me to some places in CA that offer 206 hour building for relatively low cost (sightseeing flights). I hadn't considered this at all before, now I'm wondering:

1) if anyone has experience with this, good or bad and

2) if it even makes sense to get a few hours of 206 time during the commercial training.


like most people I want to go the CFI route after my training, so obviously R22 and 300 time is most important, but can turbine time increase my "low-hour-CFII market value" at all?

Or is this something I should only start thinking about when I'm (hopefully) approaching the 1000hr mark some day.


I hope this question hasn't been asked 10 times before, couldn't find any related threads. By the way, first post, hello world!

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When you get around 1000 hours most companies will transistion you to turbines on their dime, so I wouldn't spend the money. 10-30 hours of turbine time isn't much by insurance standards anyway, so i'd save the money for the Ramen noodles you'll be eating as a CFI : ). Flying helicopters is expensive enough, you shouldn't have to pay for your own turbine training. If you really wanted to, i'd go to MARPAT b/c they have the Alouettes for 300/hr. The problem with building time on sight-seeing flights is its kinda shady, you certainly aren't approved on their insurance and if you're touching the controls then you're violating their insurance policy. You could probably get away with it, but if there actually was an accident it could turn into a nightmare.

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Dont do it - it's a waste of time. people want you to do it so you can foot their bills. They probably won't teach you much anyway - except how to start it. Something you can do for free though is go see a mechanic who works on turbines (planes or helicopters) and get to know how the engine works, what the bits on it look like and what they are called. This will teach you a lot.



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I have a slightly different take, but since I am not employed as a CPL take it as my opinion.


Do not waste your time on this while you are a PPL. Plain and simple the FAR's do not allow you to book any of this time. If you don't believe me, try reading FAR 61.113(a). Plain and simple, these are commercial applications with an aircraft and you CANNOT be PIC.


Now, once you get your Commercial ticket..why not? You can get 20 or 30 hours of turbine time for half or one third the cost...I would go for that.



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Not sure you would be legal while you are a private pilot to do tours. Get your Comm and CFII first, your extra experience will help you then. Also most employers will give you a turbine transition if it is your first turbine job, BUT it was not many years ago where you needed more than 1500 PIC AND turbine time before they would even look at you. Thankfully that is not the case now, but you do have the extra competition from many many CFI's and more Military pilots coming onto the Civil job field. Once you needed a CFI and 1500 hrs, then CFI and Instrument, then CFII, it wont be too long before Turbine time is a requirement for that first job. My guess is Frank is hoping the R66 will take a bit of the training market. Dont worry too much now about turbine time but as you get close to 950 pic look into it for a leg up on other CFII's for that first call back when you send your resume in.

Fly safe


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