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Training in a 300

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Ok so I am going to start training in a 300. Now my question is - when would be the best time to get my 50 hours in a 22 so I can teach after the CFI?


Basically, would I be spending more money training in a 300 first, then going back to get my 50 in the 22 or should I just get my PPL in the 22 then transition to the 300 after that? What is the cheapest way to do it...?


(Please don’t mistake my using the word cheap as any indication that I want to cheap out on my training in any way) :rolleyes:

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What is the cheapest way to do it...?
You might want to consider flying the 300 for your PPL and doing everything else in the R22 if you're looking at cost. That assumes that you can find someone with an R22 IFR trainer - the 300 IFR trainier would certainly be less than the R44. From what I've seen 300's seem to run from $25 to $50 per hour more than the Robbies. If you've found someone who will train you at a cost that's competitive then by all means do the maximum in the 300 if that's the bird you're more comfortable with. I kind of like them both...
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I would almost go the other way. Do your private in a R22. I bit more touchy to fly but sets you up great for control feel in other ships. Also It is tough to do much IFR stuff in a R22IFR because it weighs so much (not ripping on it if it works for you great), but getting IFR time in a R44 is very useful plus you have R44 time which many employers like as it flys very much like a B206B3. Good luck with your training and study hard.

Fly Safe


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