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question about Canadian heli industry

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Hello all! I am on the way to becoming a heli pilot in Canada. I have picked and visited my school and am now trying to save enough money so that i can actually afford it(haha) and hopefully i will be starting my training next year. I am looking for general info on the canadian industry and pilots in canada. Also, I know that there are certain weight limits for flying certain helicopter but are there also minimums?? I am a girl and only weight about 120 lbs and hope this wont stop me from moving my way up into heavy lift helicopters. Any advice and info is appreciated. Thanks to all!

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Hi D. I'm going to refer you to verticalmag.com, great bunch of people, can be a little harsh if you're not ready for it. it is a Canadian Site and you'll get good advise and suggestions.


good luck in your training and always come back for good advise B)

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I wouldn't worry too much about it. Once you get all your gear and flightsuit with you, your probably 130. You may encounter some center-of-gravity problems if you have a heavy co-pilot in a light aircraft, but you can always offset that by bringing along some weights for ballast.


Yeah, definitely check out Verticalmag.com, I post on there every once and a while. It's populated with lots of high-timers that will sometimes seem a bit grumpy at times, but will always give you honest advice on the industry, whether you like it or not.


By the way, where are you training? I'm currently at Canadian Helicopters @ Buttonville Airport just north of Toronto.

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