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AOPA Pilot - Robinson Helicopter

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A new issue of AOPA Pilot landed in my mailbox Friday. There's not much new information in the article, but it was still a nice surprise to trip across an article on Robinson Helicopter. I've always thought that we (helicopter pilots) were treated as the bastard step-children in the GA community since you rarely see any articles in aviation publications. So this was a good read.

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Yessirree, I just got mine today...a nice change of pace to see the once a year token helicopter article (that is if you don't count the Robinson ad space). But even if it was just fixed wing stuff, it's still a GREAT organization to be a member of. Maybe we should email Phil and thank him...perhaps the'll cover some other helo ops (last AOPA Pilot that I recall having a helo article was the one featuring 'a day in the life' of CALSTAR). Nothing real fancy by, uh hmm, our standards, but still good reads. And hey, KURT RUSSELL - the mentor - is in this issue too...kuul. I'll redo my ASEL Instrument check ride if I can do it in his TBM-700. Way to go Wyatt.



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I guess both we and the glider guys are second class citizens there...


I had some email correspondence with Steve Ells because I didn't think he did a real good job of talking about mast bumps. In any case, I suggested that an article on the RHC pilot safety course might be interesting. He said that either that or the maintenance course were possible future articles.

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