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Questions from a Foreign Commercial Helicopter Pilot and the FAA requirements.

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Completed a 3 years Professional Russian Pilot Course at the Flight College of Civil Aviation in Kremenchuk City, Ukraine (ICAO member). Graduated with Distinction Diploma achieving the highest marks in all the CPL examinations. Licensed as Commercial Helicopter Pilot. Endless passion and strong commitment for what I do best, flight helicopters.


5 years flying experience on Russian helicopters Mi-2, Mi-8 and Mi-17 with a total of 1235 completed flights: Search and Rescue, Executive and Domestic flights.


Flight times:

Total flight time (turboshaft engine time) 464.55

Total flight time as Pilot in Command 233.25

Total flight time at night 54.45

Total Instrument flight time 58.05

Total SIM time 30.00


Type of Flights completed (Quantity)

Instrument Approach Procedure at day 12

Instrument Approach Procedure at night 14

Maximum Take Off Weight at day (12-13 tons) 33

Maximum Take Off Weight at night (12-13 tons) 19

Operation of Moving of Exterior Cargo (1.5 tons) 9

Operation of Land (Mountain) Rescue at day 24

Operation of Land Rescue at night 17

Operation of Sea Rescue 26

Fire fighting flight tours 4

Flight for Parachute Drops 33

Mountain Landing and Take-Off 19



All flight times are recorded and certified in Logbook.


As a mature, highly motivated and mind orientated Professional Helicopter Pilot, given my endless and immense desire to get back into what I do best, with the intention to register and engage in flying in the US, to convert my foreign CPL to FAA CPL, I am currently preparing the required Foreign Pilot documentation to be presented for authentication and validation with the regional FAA office. I now hold a Permanent Residency and am authorized to work for any employer in the US.



Referent the FAA CPL examination, and in order to cut down in expenses, will I get any credit in any of the CPL subjects previously completed at the ICAO member Flight College of Civil Aviation in Kremenchuk City, Ukraine? (Former Soviet Union Civil Aviation now Ukrainian Aviation Administration I guess).

It is my understanding that once the mentioned document authentication is completed, I will require a mandatory 10 hours of flight training in the US including one hour of flight test (Airman Check) and the required CPL examinations. Is this correct? Will I get any temporal documentation or validation that allows me to fly the mentioned 10 hours? It is also my understanding that my flight time, instrument and multiengine ratings counts towards the required fulfillment.


Will greatly appreciate any info of any kind in this regard. Thank you so much.



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First thing first, there are no examinations, what you will need to do is just one written, just like everbody else. Go get a Copy of the ASA Commercial Prep Ware for your computer. Read up on our Avaition Regulations. So get a Copy of the AIM. ASA prints them. You will need at least a Class 3 medical. You need a class 2 to fly commercial in the US. With the medical in hand and your current pilot lic or certificate, you go to the FSDO(FAA) near were you are and on the basis of you current Lic/Cert, they will issue you an FAA Private Pilot Certificate Rotorwing Helicopter. While you are at the FSDO ask what written test you need to take. A week or two of study should be enough, you know how to fly and my guess the writtens you already taken were a lot tougher. Then go get some flying done and take a check ride. You should be able to get it all done in less than three weeks. Brush up on your english if you need it, you will need to be able to speak and understand english. The Federal Aviation Regulations you will need to look at are FAR 1, 61, 91 and NTSB 830. It will be pretty painless, and it should not cost to much.

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