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R22 hours to carry passengers


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In addition to the Robinson course how many hours in helicopters/ R22 does Pathfinder require to carry passenger?


Other than that required in the SFAR, I havent run into a minimum for the R22...only for the R44. Which is pretty strange when you know how squirrely the 22 can be.

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I agree with goldy on that. The only thing you might run into is where you are flying some companies even though you met the requirements will require more hrs because of fear of an accident I am guessing. Where I am at you met the requirements power to you ya I love that no hold backs they like to see the rotor turning.

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I had to sign a form at school that stated I had to have 100TT and Factory School to carry a pass in the R22. I am not sure if it was Pathfinder or the schools policy.



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are these requirements for private pilots or commercial pilots teaching in a robinson?


My answer was for private. The commercial/CFII is based on SFAR 73 and Pathfinder, if you are wanting to instruct at a school that uses Pathfinder. SFAR 73 says 50 hrs in R22's for PIC (i.e. CFI/Comm Ops) and 200 hrs TT helicopters. Pretty sure Pathfinder prefers 300TT for CFI.


So, for CFI you would need 50 hrs in R22's, Factory School, and 300 hrs TT heli minimum, to qualify for a CFI job at a school using Pathfinder.



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Yep, it's 100 rotary (fixed-wing doesn't count) and the factory school every 6 years.

That's not correct. The 6 year requirement is for CFI's only:


In consideration of the premium at which this policy is written, it is hereby agreed and understood that only

pilots who meet the requirements of FAA SFAR 73 and A through E below are approved pilots and may be

allowed to operate the aircraft as Pilot-In-Command (PIC).


A. Flight instructors giving flight instruction in the R22 must have completed the RHC Factory Safety

Course during the preceding six years and have logged at least 300 hours in helicopters, including

at least 50 PIC hours in an R22 helicopter.


B. Prior to any solo flight in the R22, all student and non-helicopter rated pilots must receive at least

20 hours of dual instruction in helicopters, of which at least 10 hours are in the R22.


C. No pilot shall carry a passenger in the R22 until the pilot has completed the RHC Factory Safety

Course and has logged at least 100 hours in helicopters, which include at least 20 PIC hours in an

R22 after receiving their helicopter rating; or, until the pilot has completed the RHC Factory Safety

Course and has logged at least 200 hours in helicopters which include at least 10 PIC hours in an



D. The left seat controls must always be removed except when that seat is occupied by a rated

helicopter pilot.


E. Pilots who perform crop spraying, animal herding or hunting, external load operations, frost control,

or operations off a vessel at sea must have a minimum of 500 PIC total hours in helicopters, of which

at least 50 hours are in this make and model helicopter, including a minimum of 5 hours of dual

instruction performing the operation specified.


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