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Better to attend a big school or small school?

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Find one where you click with the instructor(s) and school in general. It also depends on if your doing this full time or part time. Smaller schools with only 1-2 ships sometimes may not be able to fly you if your trying to do a fast pace coarse. There is a multitude of schools out there, call and go visit (take an intro ride) and talk with other students. What works for me and another student may not work for you.


As to your orginal question, it depends on where the school is in needing CFI's when your done. Check this thread out from earlier today: http://helicopterforum.verticalreference.com/helicopterfor...?showtopic=6847

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I agree with brushfire. Check everything out, take intro rides, look at the facility, see how organized they are, talk with instructors and students and see where it feels right. I went to Precision Flight Training in Newberg OR, which is a fairly small school at a fast pace and got a job when I finished. I like the one-on-one personalized approach a smaller schools can offer. This is just my opinion. I've never been to a bigger school.


Some other things to look for in a school are: Do they have an in-house maintenance staff? Do they have a Designator Examiner on staff? Do they have a testing facility on-site?


As far as getting a job when you are done, I again agree with brushfire. That thread he posted puts it the way it is. It's a need based thing. Big schools need more instructors but there are more people going for those jobs. I don't think the percentages significantly favor big or small.


Good luck with your search.

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Generally is it better to attend a big school such as Vortex, HAI/bristow or a smaller helicopter school when you will be trying to get a job after you get your ratings.





(P.S. if it helps I'm referring to Helicopters in a helicopter forum.)


When trying to get a job, the only things that matter are ratings and flight hours. So pick a school that suits you best.



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you are the only one that can answer that question for yourself. To get an answer you will have to invest the time visiting the schools in question. Stop in and meet the students and instructors, ask them questions in person to get honest answers.

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