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Camarillo, Van Nuys California Training Recommendation

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What company would you recommend for training in Los Angeles either near Camarillo or Van Nuys? Thanks very much.


I just flew out of Van Nuys into Camarillo for breakfast, so I am perfectly qualified for this question !


I fly out of TwinAir, VNY. The weather is better than CMA,the controllers are great and VNY has designated ATC freq's and routes...really easy once you learn them. There are 3 good schools at VNY, the other two fly a 300, TwinAir flys the R22 / R44 mostly.


Just PM me if you want to check out TwinAir and I will meet you over there. However, I always recommend you look at more than one school, and pick the one you are most comfortable with.



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Group 3 aviation out of Van Nuys is a great school. I train there when I'm on the west coast. A nice size fleet of 300's and a couple of R44's. It's a super busy airport so you get a lot of practice on the radio as well a diverse training areas near by so you can practice off airport landings, pinnacle approaches and such without someone jotting down your N number and calling you in for landing in their back yard.


I fly with Travis or Hiroshi, two great instructors.

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