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Silver State Helicopters he-says she-says

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what is deal here fry. just cant get over it can you. ssh is a business. they are in it to make money. do you think banks are ethical. when you invest money with a stock broker do you get some sort of guarantee>? how about college. does the cash you spend on failing classes count for anything? or even a degree, does it guarantee anything. just because people invest money in something they fail at does not make them victims. ssh has a sly marketing campaign and a simple interview process. sure. who is to blame?the guy who designs and sells the butt floss or the guy who pays 49.99 +S&H for something he'll never use.


i am ssh student and it is what you make of it. sure its a crappy loan but you can finance it anyway you want. they tell you straight up from the beginning how hard it is and that its either all or nothing. there are people who are deluded and will not make it. they will lose the money spent and they will be pissed. but i dont hear you sticking up for people who lost millions in the dot com bubble, etc.



there are politics at ssh, bullshit, morons, assholes, and then there are good people and instructors who are trying to help you. just like any other corp. dodge, flow, suck dick, do what you have to do. if you are capable, smart and willing, they will do what they promised.


unlimited ground and sim. the whole scheduling thing is bullshit (at least at my particular school). i can basically fly as much as i want. there are open blocks everyday. it is not the cfi's job to schedule you every week. the flight training is good. the school does not determine the quality of the instructor.


the only problem with silverstate that i have seen is that no one trys to convince people to quit while they are ahead. but who of those people will respond to it anyway.


almost all the cfis at my school are ssh grads. some never got there cfii becuase they were needed now. it only takes a bit of research to realize their claims of future market and salary may be a *bit* exaggerated, but am i a victim cause i didnt do that research?



it all comes down to accountability. i am responsible for my own decisions. so are you. and you.

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