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Flight Schools in Texas

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I'm going to throw in Salaika aviation south of Houston, they fly normal, real sized helicopters, not robinsons, :) (i know that'll stir some people up) actually im B/Sing , they've been around a LONG time, good equipment, great prices, AMAZING safety record.

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Check out Helicopter Experts in Bulverde just a few miles north of San Antonio. It's a Part 141 school thats been around for a number of years. At the moment the owner is the only flight instructor and he is a DPE. There's a AGI/sim instructor as well. Has both 22s and a 44 and they do they're own maintenance. I go during the week so scheduling is not too much of a problem except for when the weather has been bad but it's at a Class G airfield so you still can do pattern work and plenty of autos without the governor. :)

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