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I suppose I should put this here too... ;)


OK, so I am waaaaaaaay ahead thinking about this, but I have been thoroughly brainwashed by the USMC after serving 13.5 years there as a Aircraft Rescue Firefighter. Last Nov I made the transition from the USMC Reserve to the Army Natl Guard, and have been selected to attend WOCS and WOFT. I am truly grateful that my new unit chose me, and overly estatic about this new opportunity in my life and military career. It has always been (at least since I was in High School) a dream of mine to be a pilot some day (although flying Harriers for the USMC was my dream, I am completely happy to fly helos now) and now this will become a reality *starting June 2008*. After having been on Annual Training this past monthwith the Guard, and through reading things here and on "the other site" I realize that I will have A LOT to learn, which is fine, and I understand that and am more than willing to accept that fact etc, etc....


So..here is my question. or Questions...


1. Can an Army Guard Pilot transition (in my case) *back* to the Marine Corps?


2. If so, how long do you think I would need to stay in the Guard before I can make the transition? Would I need to finish my contract or could I go sooner?


*I do not want to short change my unit mind you, I want to give them the time that we agreed upon. It is more of a retohorical question*


3. Can I fly in the USMC as a Warrant Officer? *I have a mentor of mine who is a CWO5 and he flies Hueys and Cobras in the USMC Reserve*


4. Lastly, how the heck would I make this transition if I could?


Thanks for all your help with this banter, I know it seems odd, and like I said...I know I am way ahead of myself..but I like to plan for things long term...oh, and being "brainwashed" by the Marine Corps does not help much either






Mud is your friend, Mud is your cover, Mud, is good for you

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