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My name is Kayla. Im located in Houston Texas and looking for a CFI or a CFII to train me to fly. I had originally planned on attending Silver State, but my father has purchased a Hughes 269 that he will be flying down to Houston and leaving here for me to train in. If you are interested or have any information that could help me find an instructor, please let me know. I would love to discuss pricing, schedules and what my goals are and how I can reach them.


Im sorry if this thread appears twice....Im still figuring the message boards out and Im not sure if my last post worked or not.


Thank you!


Houston, Texas

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The only 2 CFI's that I think "MIGHT" be able to help you is:


Sho at HSI.


David Lewis at Anythings Possible Aviation.


I think David said he had some time in the 300 and I am pretty sure Sho was at HSI when they had a 300c a few years back. The other CFI's that I know of don't have 300 time that I know of. I am sure there are more in Houston, but I don't know them.



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Good luck... and sorry I can't help.


I must admit when I purchased my helicopter and searched for someone to come fly with me I had no idea how hard that would be and I still can't quite understand the logistics behind it.


Everyone is busy, they already fly for someone and that company won't let them, if you bring it to me we could fly here or there, I don't have 300 time so if you let me fly it for 5 hours I could do it, I am trying to run a business and I want you to rent mine................ the list seemed to go on and on.


Luckily you are in a major metro area with alot of helicopter pilots because after I finally got the cfi out of the way getting a DPE over here was another real hassle.... oh well it's just $$.

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Thank you for all the info! It has been hard....I am surprised at how many schools there are.....but how few people are willing to teach you without signing onto a 70,--- + contract with their school

Ive gotten a couple of replies and hopefully one of them will work out.


Thanks again to everyone who has posted and sent messages....If I havent gotten back to you yet, dont worry, I will!

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Thank you!!!! Ive contacted David at AP and he is a GREAT guy! Hopefully it will work out. He gave me alot of great info!


Thanks again!!!

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