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Questions about working overseas


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I am a US citizen and have just been offered a very $nice$ position flying in the UAE. I have more than the required aeronautical experience requirements for the FAA ATP in helicopters and airplanes and have been studying for the written....

So my questions... Can I take the FAA ATP written and check rides in the UAE? How expensive is it?

Also, guess I can take the FAA flight physical there too? :unsure:

FYI, for the job - They require an FAA license, then within a month, I have to take a test on regulations for the area.


Hope someone can fill me in. Thanks in advance!

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I'm in qatar looking into getting some schooling myself. I believe qatar falls under the JAA. Heres a link that provides more info if you havent found it already. It should help. Peace ;)





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This may just be hearsay or a sales pitch but when I was when I was down in Cape Town I stopped in at one of the schools there and they offered a full FAA course and had instructors for it but I'm not sure how they worked the check rides.


Rather not have the thread wonder... I'm trying to get information about the UAE and FAA administration processes, training, and infrastructure in respect to airmen certification there specifically, thanks. ;)

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Maybe you should ask from Pprune members, there seems to be members that are flying in Persian Gulf countries. I'm sure there's some with Faa licence too :)

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