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drug and alcool test

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Hi guys,


A few questions for you.


I hear than we need to pass a alcool and drug test near the FAA to be allowed to do seating tour? It's that correct and where it's possible to do it?


And 2nd question,


Where can I go online to do the awareness safety test for the TSA? It's supposed to be required to work as CFI?


Thank's for the help

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TSA website


That's for the TSA test. You'll have to click the link that says "flight school security awareness training". When you're done it'll print out a ghetto certificate. Our ink was low at the time of mine so it's all faded and pink around the edges.... Awesome...


And yes you need to pass a drug/alcohol test to do Scenic Tours (i'm assuming that's what you meant, as I've never heard of a "seating tour"). Your local FSDO might know where to get it done. Good Luck



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In order to be on a FAR 135 certificate or a tour / sightseeing / ride operation, you need to be enrolled in RANDOM drug & alcohol test program.


Don't worry about it, your employer will be the one responsible for overseeing, maintaining, paying for, and administaring it. You will most likely take a pre-employment drug & alcohol screening. Then they'll notify you when the computer has picked you for a random drug and/or alcohol test.


These types of flying are referred to as "safety sensitive" duties by the Dept. of Transportation. I have no idea why instructing or other commercial flying are not considered worthy of drug & alcohol testing. They definitely should be!

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