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Timed out rotor blades


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I was just curious if anyone knew how to get the timed out rotor blades from overahauled ships. Don't worry they are not going on an aircraft. My buddy races ice sailboats and hey wants to put a wing mast on his and he wants to do it out of a rotor blade and the r-44 blades are the right length.

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They are supposed to be conspiciously marked or altered to prevent inadvertant return to service. (scrapped/damaged/destroyed)


If you personally know someone doing helicopter maintenance you might get them to give you some after they've been altered. The factory will not give you any.

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When you send them back to RHC, all you have to send is the root ends with the data plate attached for credit. The rest is yours. You'll never get anything scrap from the factory no matter how hard your try though. They tried to steal a t/r chip detector, sight glass, and filler plug from me on a gear box that they couldn't repair. Took me six months of nasty phone calls to get the three SERVICABLE parts back.


Our company takes timed out blades, mounts them vertically on a steel plate, paints the company name down the side, to make a cool sign.


At the main hangar, the guys made a picnic bench out of a set of skids and and two rotor blades for the bench seats. I'll try to find a picture.

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