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Federal Aid???

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hello all

the school where i would like to attend is partnered with a college that offers an associates degree for about an exrta $10k on top of flight training and all can supposedly be financed with a government FAFSA loan. Has anyone else gone this way? Will the government really give me $50-$70k?


Thanks everyone!

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Short answer... No, the Government will not give you $50K in one year.


Long answer... Yes, you can use the FASFA for some of this with UVSC. About $15K worth, give or take a few bucks. It pays for the college, and maybe a bit more, if you qualify.


What you do get access to is easier loans, since going to Sallie Mae directly is hard to get approved for. However the terms and interest rates are going to be similar to the private loans.


If you're willing to go back to college, it does work and you can get funded for this. UVSC is a lot of extra work, so consider that when making your schedule.

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I havn't goten into the finance stage just yet but I've done FAFSA stuff in the past so I know a little about how they operate. FAFSA doesn't give you the money directly it qualifys you for certain levels and amounts of financal aid based on costs, income, savings, and in most cases the income and savings of family members like parents and grand parents, I remember the form was pretty agro about that. the highest level of aid are federal grants that don't need to be paid back ever. Next are subsidized and unsubsidized loans, subsidized loans never accrue interest unsubsidized ones due but at federaly fixed rates and not until six months after you stop being a full time student.


In my experience anything that you get college credit for you can get an ed loan to pay for. sometimes it needs to be a wink-and-a-nod arrangement but colege registrars and cashiers tend to be a fairly creative and bored group of people that given the motivation can put together a finacing plan that would put an Enron or worldcom accountant to shame.


the only thing is you have to make them care about YOU so pull on those ass kissing boots and get it done.

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