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CX-2 is definitely worth it. Will save you plenty of time on the written exam. I don't use it for W&B. Faster to do it long hand at least for me. For everything else it is great.


Great to know how to use the E6B in the event you run out of batteries, suffer the effects of an Electromagnetic Pulse, or have a crusty-old check pilot who'll use the first reason.

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I wouldn't go so far as to say I love my cx2. I wouldn't take it to bed with me, but it makes flight planning go a little bit quicker.


Like Chi said, know how to use an e6b just in case the batteries on the cx2 fail.


I know this may sound like overkill, but know how to perform time/speed/distance and fuel burn calculations without the e6b. Don't know how? Ask your CFI. He/she doesn't know how? Go back to your highschool pre-algebra notes, and try to remember how to balance equalities. If you still don't know how, then ask me and I will give up my knowledge......for a price......muhahahaha :rolleyes:

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