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National Guard Aviation Info. Anyone?

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I'm in the ROTC program at the University of Wyoming and am looking at enlisting in the National Guard, and was also thinking about going to fly helicopters for them. Does anybody have any information on how to go about this? I'm sure I can ask my recruiter but he's away. What MOS should I choose to help me accomplish my goal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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there is /was a helicopter unit in Cheyenne. check the airfield and talk to the commander on how to go about joining. I was a Huey mechanic for them in the 80's so they should still be there. at that time they were operating as a ambulance unit with 6 birds.


Good luck


fly safe

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If you are in ROTC, why are you enlisting?

Because everybody knows that Warrant Officers ROCK! B) Like FLHooker said, it should be pretty easy to find the nearest unit, and they should have a Warrant Officer Strength Manager. Contact him/her and he/she will be able to help you immensely.



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FLHooker is correct.


Find a Guard or Reserve aviation unit and speak (interview) with the commander about the SMP program (your class coordinator and /or ROO can steer you in the right direction and maybe even help set up a meeting). If the unit commander accepts you, you can drill with the unit as an ROTC Cadet while enrolled in college and, assuming you meet all the requirements, be guaranteed Aviation Branch upon commissioning.


Good luck!

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Your ROTC department would have all the info that you would ever need for something like that. Plus, it doesn't even have to be in your state. A buddy of mine had acceptance letters from 5 or 6 states before he even decided what state he would go with. This would also allow you to choose what airframe you wanted to fly... which would be the CH-47D if you are smart. Just kidding.


Oh, and by the way, ZCat is right on the money! I actually did a stint of ROTC while I was in college, hated every minute of it, got out and went Warrant. It's not the path for everyone, some really enjoy ROTC and being commissioned, you have to choose.






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