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Offshore alternative

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They're ok AFAIK, if you can live with spending more than half your time overseas while working for them. You work your tour, and then spend a couple of days getting home, then a couple of days getting back to work...


Thanks Gomer. Six weeks seems like more of a stretch. With a company like PHI do they start you out in a 206/A-Star as opposed to bumping you up to an advanced/larger airframe? I really don't mind doing that- just curious. Like you said before 'you always start at the bottom.' Is the bottom a smaller airframe and over time eventually working your way up to the S-76/S-92?

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Most companies start you out in 206s, and you get the chance to move up based on seniority, or other factors. Starting at the bottom means bottom pay. No matter how much time and experience you have, you start at or near the bottom of the pay scale, and probably smaller airframes as well.

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PHI can start you out as a SIC in the 76 or the 412 (heard 412s are being phased out, though) or

as a PIC in the small ships (206 most likely). They do pay for prior GOM experience. One of

our pilots is going there and they started him at 55K with one year GOM experience. I have a

friend who starts training next week at 51K (no GOM experience). PHI also has the option of

bidding into the EMS side.

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If I were to apply and get hired on with CHC what would be (if any) the benefit in the long term to flying 76's? I'm strongly considering looking into the company because of the simple fact that I can choose where I live, the commute (although tedious) isn't a cost I have to absorb, and the starting pay as an SIC is not too bad.

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