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Coast Guard advice

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I'm looking for advice, so post a reply, PM me, send me a pigeon...


I'm 24 and nearly finished with my initial CFI, planning to go for my CFII after. I have a bachelors, but it's a soft degree (fine arts). The reason I started flying in the first place was that I wanted to join the military, Coast Guard being my first choice. The fall OCS board didn't happen this year, so while waiting on the February board deadline, I decided to continue my flight training. So now I'm nearly a CFI (check ride this next weekend, all fingers crossed), and I'm weighing my options. I'd like to speak to an actual CG pilot or two (my recruiter's great, but he's not a pilot); what's been your experience? Is it worth the 10-12 yr commitment? I have 185 hours in the R-22 and 300CBi, and my recruiter thinks I have a good chance at getting into flight school despite the BFA, but might I still wash out? And then of course I may finish OCS and not get flight school at all...provided I get into OCS in the first place. Should I just get a CFI job and stay a civilian, or is the CG worth jumping through all the hoops? I mean, I've read the brochures, and of course they make it sound like everything I could want, but I want to hear it from the pilots themselves.


If anyone wants to answer these questions specifically, please please do. But I'd like to hear personal experience stories, related or not.

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