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adding pictuers

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Ok I finnaly got permission to post pictures. Now it says they must be a .png, file or a .gif, file to upload all i have on my computer is athese options Tiff, jpeg or bitmap and they are none of *.tif, and *.jpe, match with the .png, and .gif... i dont even know what those are, can anyone help me and tell me how transfer the Bitmap or jpegs to the png or bif? I cant seem to figure it out. T


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Had me worried took me months to get a picture in the frame, & if i can do it any one should as me and computers are like flying into cloud with low rotor horn going


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best i can figure is there is a jpeg upload issue for me, don't know about others.

also don't know how to convert them to something else but I would think that shouldn't be necessary? :blink:

sounds like we are in the same boat.... I can get them on my personal photo, avatar, and in my posts... but not in the gallery, that is my problem, have tryed for a couple weeks now,

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