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Under 91 you do not need an ELT in a helicopter. 91.207


Man, that took me forever to figure out. What I kept missing was the "airplane" part. It never says "helicopters". Yup, never saw that. Oh well.



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do you need an ELT(emergency location transmitter) in helicopters for commercial operations?


When you say "commercial operations" you have to further define what part those operations are covered by, and then look in those sections for the regs that pertain to it. When you say " commercial operator" the definition is someone who for compensation or hire, ..engages in the carriage of persons or property, other than as an air carrier". So yes, if you are engaging in Part 135 operations, which involves the commercial movement of people, look in 135 regs. However you wont find a requirement for an ELT. So if I'm flying a nice 19 passenger helicopter under Part 135, I HAVE to have a pair of latex gloves, but I DON'T have to have an ELT on board.


So I can't signal search and rescue, but I'm ready to do cavity searches..I love the FAA. ( 135.177iv)



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