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Upper Limits Aviation ????

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I am 22 years old trying to find a good school that wont screw me over it the salt lake area. Upper limits has been brought to my attention. Has anyone heard anything on this school or have an idea of another school?

The more i read these forums the more nervous i get about finding a good school pls help

I am new at this whole site and not sure how this works so if possible email me @ tmb3006@yahoo.com

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You may want to check out Utah Helicopter as well. They ae located at Salt Lake Municipal airport 2 in West Jordan. I was a student at Upper Limit for awhile and left to go to these guys. Overall they are more organized than Upper Limit. ULA will try to sell you on the flying in Class B airspace as a plus but I found it to be a hinderance to my training in the long run. Flying out of Class B limits what you can do at your home airport so you must leave the airspace to another airport to train. Over the course of training this amounts to a lot of wasted flight time. Also if I want I just fly north then I am in bravo getting the same experience. Utah Helicopter is located at the airport ULA uses for training. It just made sense to me that I lessen my commute. This is just my 2 cents. If you have any specific questions just ask.


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I heard of a new school opening up in ogden. Its web site is www.flywhirly.com. I think there prices are pretty good.

I just started with Wasatch Helicotper Academy at SkyPark Airport, I'm a former SS student.

They are Very professional; high time instructors. They have the most experienced pilots.

Im now being trained by professional helicopter pilots, not student instructors.

I like the fact that they are a real helicopter company as well.

I like training at SkyPark. At SS, we used to burn time and money flying to SkyPark to training.

I wish I had found them in the beginning.

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