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Kinzie mods to Schweizer 269/300

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Does anyone have any source of info /specs on the Kinzie mods to tail sections and engines? I just wonder how they get better performance out of these components. Their website is not user-friendly. I know the company has changed hands, but not sure where to. I hope to get a lead toward a good website. Google did not help me much. Thanks for all your help.

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You'd have to specify what mod's you're talking about because Kinzie never made any engine mods for the 269... nor did they make any tail mods.. they had a PMA for tail booms and horizontal stabilizers and a number of other 269 parts... so you can find some of their stuff out there but it wasn't any "better" or longer life to it.... just cheaper.


Wayne and Beverely Kinzie Started the company way back in the 50's and were a service center for the 269/369 series.... over time they grew and grew and made LOTS of 269 parts including interior and plastic parts and eventually became and source for all kinds of aircraft interior plastic and that became "PLANE PLASTICS" company that they sold. In 2004 they sold the manufacturing rights to some other guy who sold the rights to a New Zealand company that is trying to continue mfg... but I don't know if they have FAA approval yet. The Kinzie's sold all of their inventory in the states in the spring of 2006.


The only engine mod for the 269 is an STC to put a B model engine in an A model.


Whatcha working on?? I'm in Lewiston....Lots of 269 stuff

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